Tea-Time Ramble – Episode 1: Conspiracies

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/teatimeramble/episode_1_mono96.mp3|titles=Tea-Time Ramble Episode 1: Conspiracies|loop=no|animation=no]

It’s here! The first ever episode of the Tea-Time Ramble, a weekly light-hearted topical/comedy podcast hosted by two friends Dave & Will.

This week’s episode we ramble-on about Conspiracy Theories and all things mysterious and secretive, from Chem-Trails to Scientology. We hope you enjoy! (Feel free to like or follow us if you do).

Your Friends,
Dave & Will

Go Deeper Section:

Dave Benson Phillips in Get Your Own Back (BBC):

Article on North Korean ‘Unicorn Lair’
Wiki Article on Chemtrials
L Ron Hubbard Website
David Icke Website
Wiki Article on Aleister Crowley
Joined-Up Thinking by Stevyn Colgan
Conspiracy Theories by Jamie King

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