Tea-Time Ramble – Episode 16: Season 2?


the plaice to be

Looks like someone beat us to it. There actually is a real fish & ship shop called “the plaice to be”

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/teatimeramble/season_2.mp3|titles= Tea-Time Ramble – Episode 16: Season 2?  |loop=no|animation=no]

What in the Fudge Palace!? Tea-Time Ramble is back! In what we’re calling Season 2 epsiode 1… or 16? 

Hello, welcome back! Did you miss us?

…Well we missed you, and we’re sorry we have neglected your ears for the last few months. But threat no longer, dry those tears and grab yourself a nice hot cuppa!

This episode we talk about tea-bagging, Shakespeare, misinformation and taking action. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s funny, it’s nerdy, it exciting, it’s sexy, it’s…. pretty much the same random nonsense podcast it’s always been.

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Your Friends,
Dave & Will


Candyman (1992)

Men in Black (1997) – test the best:

Pecker (1998) – Tea-bagging:



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