Podcasts – who still listens to those, right? Surely that fad died out years ago! Well…yeah you’d be right, but isn’t it about time for a revival?

Surely the world is parched, shriveling like a dried prune, quivering at the lips as it yearns in anticipation for the sweet, friendly and frankly amateurish podcast’s of nerds and hobbits everywhere, all in the hope it might once more revitalize it’s people and bring  fun and joy back into their daily existence?

Well, that’s where the Tea-Time Ramble comes in my friend!

About the Podcast:

Tea-Time Ramble is a  weekly(ish) topical/comedy podcast produced by two, ever so slightly geeky best friends, Dave and Will.

Each week Dave and Will “ramble on”  from one topic to  another, ranging from conspiracy theories to POGS to festival survival, and then some!

…So if you’re bored, busy or need something to fill the crippling silence why not listen to the Tea-Time Ramble podcast.

What are you waiting for, get into it Ramblers!

About the Hosts:

Some useful “facts” about Dave and Will taken from each episode.

Dave facts:
Dave once appeared on an episode of Antiques Roadshow, he also enjoys a good rave and has size eleven feet. After a lesson from Will, Dave took up carpet weaving. He also may or may not have invented the game Angry Birds and is responsible for the super-hero ‘Cycle-lop’, the lopsided cyclist. He once called a French Native American actor a Smeg.

Dave’s first job was as the voice of “Homer Simpson”, He’s also allergic to wax and his family lays claim to the invention of the Light Bulb. He is also mates with Right Said Fred, and In the past he was an Elvis fart impersonator…. Also the Harry Potter books are actually based on Dave’s life!

He is currently on the run for the murder of Mr Nerf Gun, inventor of the Nerf Gun and is a small headed man for hire for music videos and films… which is also see-through and made of crystal.

He collects brushes and has a collection of over 1000+

Will facts:
Will has blue eyes, and may or may not have been a model for Calvin Klein.
He enjoys weaving tapestry and writing cat poetry. He has heard the voice of Morgan Freeman in his backyard and once did a poo in Miley Cyrus’s handbag at the Teen Choice Awards.  He has also punched Disney’s Gepetto in the balls.

Will has previously worked in a giant shoe. He Love’s EVERYTHING and was once the “Letters Lad” on the Channel 4 show Count Down. He is known for being the Ex-Manager of Justin Beiber and for his ability to transform into a magical Narwhal. He was also Spartacus in a previous life and once hosted the Olympics. He was *not* a member of a cult band of musicians. To pay off his podcast debt he’s also working as a part time wrestler “Bag-Boy” and mascot for the 1986 World Cup.

Contact Information:

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Alternatively, you can contact Tea-Time Ramble
via: teatimeramble@gmail.com

Additional Information/Credits:

Disclaimer: This is a comedy podcast, Dave and Will are bumbling idiots.  Therefore views & opinions held at the time of recording episodes  should not be taken too seriously, also certain information discussed may be factually inaccurate.  We do this for fun!

Some Podcast episodes feature sound effects and music sourced from SoundBible.com & FreeSFX.co.uk, these are free to use under the Creative Commons licence.

Other sound clip/bites used can be found on the ‘Go Deeper’ section on individual episode posts.


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