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Tea-Time Ramble – Episode 18: World Cup 2014 Sportscast

cartoon map of brazil

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It’s more energized than Pele after Viagra! It’s completely Off-Side! It’s the Dream Team!

…. It’s episode 18 of the Tea-Time Ramble!

In this episode we take a new direction, what with the 2014 World Cup happening at the moment, as we attempt to talk sport, soccer, football or whatever you want to call it… it’s the Ramble Sportscast!

Also talked about in this episode: games in the future, Macaulay Culkin, Pokemon and the Brave Little Toaster among other brain-farts.

#hashtag #footballbanter #worldcup2014 #hashtaghashtaghashtag!

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The Brave Little Toaster (1987)
Gamer (2009)
Stay Alive (2006)
The Pagemaster (1994)
Black Mirror Wiki

Adam and Joe – Footie Song:

Ant and Dec – We’re on the Ball:

Fat Les – Vindaloo:

Bell and Spurling – Sven Sven Sven: